Turn Your Smartphone Into a Storytime Projector With This Device

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There's nothing better than snuggling with your kids and reading books together at the end of a long day. Moonlight is a smartphone attachment that uses a creative approach to encourage your kids to read and explore their love of reading in a new way.


Moonlight is kind of like the classic red View-Master many of us had as kids, only it projects the images for all to see. It uses the flashlight on your smartphone to project images from a small story reel onto your wall or ceiling (or any solid, flat surface).

The words of the story appear on your phone, making it easy to read while the images are being projected. For an added element of magic, some of the words in the stories come along with sound effects—just tap the circled words to hear them.


You manually turn the pages by turning the reel, so you can spend as much or as little time on each page as you want.

Choose from books like "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom," "Curious George," "Goodnight Moon," "Uni the Unicorn," and "Wherever You Go." As of now, there are only 10 story options.

You can purchase a gift pack for $39.99, which includes the projector and five stories, or the starter pack for $19.99, which includes the projector and two stories. The individual story reels are $7.99. Click here to get started.