How to Listen to the Most Popular Songs From the Year You Graduated

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High school seniors everywhere are getting ready to graduate. While it may have been a few years since you graduated (or perhaps way more than a few), you probably remember a lot about that time in your life—like your group of friends and the feeling of finally being free from homework, tests, and high school drama. But do you remember the most popular songs from the year you graduated? You know, the ones that played constantly on the radio and evoked all typed of feelings deep within your soul?


iHeartRadio has blessed us with the opportunity to listen to the most popular songs of our graduation year. Simply go to the website and enter your graduation year. The playlists date all the way back to 1950 through the most popular songs of today.

Video of the Day

For example, here some of the most popular songs the graduating class of 1983 will remember:

These are a few of the hits in 2001:


And these are the current most popular songs:

iHeartRadio makes it easy to listen to the songs—just click on the song title and you'll be taken to the iHeartRadio website where can sign up for an account, listen to the songs for free, and learn more about the artists and the songs. Get ready to feel some serious nostalgics.