The New MacBook Pro Keyboards Might Be Dustproof

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Apple released a new MacBook Pro last week, and an exciting new feature is the updated keyboard. According to Apple, the keyboard is quieter than the previous version, but iFixit discovered something else. The keys now have a thin, silicone barrier under the keycaps to prevent dust and crumbs from causing the them to stick.


This is great news for MacBook Pro users, but Apple has explicitly told several news platforms that it didn't do any new engineering to prevent the "sticky key."

But if it's fixed, then why not tell the world? Because, as revealed by Daring Fireball's John Gruber, Apple is dealing with several lawsuits surrounding keyboard reliability issues. So, if Apple were to admit that the update isn't just for quieter keys, it'd be an admission of a problem. And no one wants to lose a lawsuit, not even Apple.


iFixit put together a video explaining the new addition:

Despite the real reason for the update, the important takeaway is that MacBook Pro keyboards should now be way more dependable than they have been.