eBlocker2 Is a Little Device That Offers Big Protection

The internet isn't exactly a secure place when it comes to privacy. You can take precautions by frequently changing your passwords and avoiding certain websites, but your privacy still isn't necessarily safe.

Privacy solutions company eBlocker created a device that offers complete internet privacy protection by anonymizing their device identity and preventing online tracking—for all devices connected to your home network.

eBlocker2 prevents online tracking, protects your internet privacy, blocks inappropriate content for kids, stops data collecting ads, protects against price discrimination, enables anonymous internet browsing, and stops kids from spending too much time surfing the web.

"From smart TV to vacuum cleaner to smartphone, despite new data protection laws, our data is analyzed, consolidated, stored and our privacy violated countless times a day," according to the company. "We have developed eBlocker as a central solution for all devices for everyone who wants to keep control of their online behavior for private or professional reasons."

Connected directly to the router, eBlocker2 ensures that the devices connected to your home network are disguised, preventing tracking and blocking malware.

The device comes in three models: Base (starting at $99), Pro (starting at $149), and Family (starting at $169). You can find more information about each model here.