Happy Halloween: Here Are a Bunch of Dogs Wearing Costumes

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Halloween is the spookiest day of the year, but it's also the most adorable. Because dogs.


Costumes aren't just for kids and festive adults—they're for dogs too. Dog parents do the world a favor each year by dressing their furry kids up in costumes, and what better way to spend a few minutes of your Halloween day than looking at pictures of all the cuteness.

Video of the Day

Here are some of the cutest, funniest, and all-around most clever costumes people convinced their dogs to wear, even if only for the Instagram pic:


Skunk dog

It dog

E.T. dog

Image Credit: Jacob Jules Villere

Lion cub dog

Where's Waldog

Gladiator dog

Super dog

UPS dog

Spider dog

Ghost dogs

Disney dogs

Beanie Baby dog

Musician dogs

Tourist dog

Rock dog

Rap dog

French dog

Candy security dog

Devil dog



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