Ellen's New App Is All About You and Your Friends

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From the creators of Heads Up and PSYCH!, AKA Ellen's super fun and hilarious apps, comes a new app that's literally all about you and your friends and family (or whoever you choose to play with). The Truth Comes Out is a trivia game that challenges you to answer questions that get inside people's heads. Whether you choose to give real answers or funny ones, that's up to you.


Each player will answer questions like, "What's the last thing Becky Googled?" or "What would be a bad thing to give Dean for his birthday?" Everyone gets the chance to vote for their favorite answer, then the player with most popular answer earns points, and points equal winner. And is there anything better than beating your loved ones at a game?

Here's Ellen's explanation of how the app works:

Download The Truth Comes Out free for iOS and Android.