This Smart Device Helps Kids Develop Healthy Money Habits

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Pigzbe is a new smart device by PrimoToys that aims to teach kids how to save, earn, and budget their money in a digital world. It's like a piggy bank for the 21st century.


Designed for kids ages six and up, Pigzbe uses blockchain in a small device that looks like a credit card. The device connects to the app and works as an interactive financial assistant that kids can use to keep track of their money, play games, and even earn money to save or spend. It operates on Wollo tokens, a family-friendly cryptocurrency.

The Pigzbe app allows parents to set tasks and reward milestones, manage the wallet, as well as give their kids allowances for completing the tasks. It also acts as a child's first wallet. The more Wollo kids save within the interactive world in the app, the more engaging the world becomes, which ultimately encourages healthy financial habits.


Pigzbe comes with a family payment card that lets kids spend their money anywhere that takes Visa or by using a Wirex Visa card—with parental supervision, of course.

Here's how it works:

Pigzbe is currently being funded on Kickstarter, and it has already surpassed its goal. Back the project now to save $60 on the retail price of $159.