Facebook Messenger Kids Is a Safe Way for Kids to Chat With Family and Friends

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Facebook Messenger Kids launched back in the summer of 2018, but many parents still don't know about it. The app offers a safe and secure way for kids to stay in touch with family and friends with total control given to parents.


Messenger Kids is a kid version of the Messenger app, and the coolest part is that kids don't even need a Facebook account to use it. It connects to a parent's Facebook account—you simply need to download the app and and use your personal account to set one up for your child.

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Designed for kids 6 to 12, the app is completely safe for kids to use. Kids aren't given access to approve or deny requested contacts—parents have to approve contacts through their account.


Using the app, kids can place one-on-one video calls with a grandparent or friend in another city, as well as and send messages, videos, photos, GIFs, stickers, etc—think Snapchat, but way safer.

Parents can set up sleep mode, which shuts down the app while your child is doing homework, eating dinner, sleeping, or any time you feel it's necessary. During these hours, kids won't be able to log in and chat and the app won't send push notifications. A countdown will pop up as a warning to finish their chats before the app shuts down, hopefully preventing any tantrums.

Download Messenger kids for iOS and Android.