This New Ad Campaign Beautifully Celebrates Postpartum Bodies

We live in a society that generally shames women for their postpartum bodies. After growing a human for nine months and giving birth, women often feel like they need to hurry up and get rid of their postpartum bodies and get back to "normal," instead of seeing themselves as the incredible powerful creators of life that they are.

As someone who has given birth and is currently growing another human, I know that embracing your postpartum body is a lot easier said than done, but a new ad campaign aims to help. Parenting retailer Mothercare, which is based in the United Kingdom, spotlights women's postpartum bodies without the use of digital retouching.

According to Mothercare, the campaign aims to portray "a part of motherhood that is rarely seen in media." All women are different, and when the media only shows airbrushed versions of one postpartum body type, it does a disservice to everyone.

The campaign consists of photos of 10 women holding their babies and wearing only bras and underwear, revealing scars, stretch marks, and all the beautiful imperfections that accompany childbirth.

The ads appear in more than 30 Tube stations across London, and of course, on the internet.