All College Students Deserve One of Amazon's Finals Week Survival Kits

Finals week is the bane of every college students' existence. Leading up to it consists of studying and preparing for exam after exam after exam after exam. Since the college students you know and love are likely super stressed right now and have locked themselves in their rooms, what better way to cheer them up than to send them a care package? Also, they could probably use a snack.

Amazon offers some really great survival kits full of fun snacks that make sending care packages very easy. You literally just need to click a few buttons and pay for it.

Here are some good options:

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Hangry Kit

Buy it for $30.

Hangry Kit - Chocolate

Buy it for $37.

Hangry Kit - Healthy Snacks

Buy it for $45.

Hangry Kit - Ramen

Buy it for $40.

Crave Box

Buy it for $24.

Blue Ribbon Care Package

Buy it for $22.

Fitness Box

Buy it for $24.

College Box

Buy it for $33.