A Smart Robotic Vacuum That Cleans Your Floors so You Don't Have To

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Whether you aren't able to vacuum your home due to physical limitations, time constraints, or you just don't feel like it, robotic vacuums really come in handy. But you already know that.


Strata Home's STITCH Wireless Smart Robotic Vacuum by Monoprice is a 2-in-1 vacuum and wet mopping cleaning system for carpets and hard floors. So, basically it's what dreams are made of.

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The STITCH is equipped with an advanced navigation system that calculates the best path for the most efficient cleaning. The wheels are durable, which makes uneven floors easier to navigate, and an anti-drop sensor detects stairs and drop-offs.


A 2600mAh battery provides up to three hours of cleaning time before it needs to be recharged. It's designed to find its way back to its charging station when the battery is low, plus it alerts you just in case it can't re-dock without some help (which might happen—robots aren't perfect).


Like most robotic vacuums, it might get stuck under tight spaces like the edge of a rug or under the dishwasher. You'll definitely want to pick up charging cords or other smaller items that might get sucked up or caught in the vacuum.

By connecting to the app, you have access to remote monitoring and navigation of the vacuum. The vacuum features three modes (Auto Cleaning, Spot, and Edge), and it's super easy to use the app to schedule a cleaning to ensure your floors are always clean when they need to be.

Purchase the STITCH Wireless Smart Robotic Vacuum here for $174 (it's currently 15 percent off).