Google's SOS Alerts Are Gaining Features to Help During Emergencies

Google's SOS alerts are a way for you to gather quick and important information during a crisis. The feature has been active for two years, and now Google is updating the information you receive by adding visual information about natural disasters, as well as a new navigation warning system on Google maps so you can anticipate where the disaster headed.

For earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods, Google will provide real-time, detailed visual information about what to expect on the ground.

For example, if a hurricane is headed your way, Google will forecast a route, and in the days leading up to the storm, you'll will receive a crisis notification card if you're in or near the affected areas. The card provides a trajectory and estimated timing of when the storm will hit and how to plan.

In the aftermath of an earthquake, a shakemap will show the epicenter and magnitude, and color coding will inform you of any shaking in surrounding areas.

If there's a crisis in your area, Google Maps will update your route to avoid the disrupted area.

The updates to Google's SOS alerts will take effect in the next few weeks.