Adorable Pics of Dogs Sitting on Santa's Lap, You're Welcome

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Sure, kids are cute. Kids sitting on Santa's lap are even cuter—especially when they're either super in love with old Saint Nick or want absolutely nothing to do with him.


Perhaps what's cuter though are dogs sitting on Santa's lap. Dogs are obviously very unaware of the meaning of Christmas, they just want to be a good dog and do whatever their people want them to do (i.e., sit on a strange man's lap and look in the general direction of the camera).


Video of the Day

So, in celebration of Santa's upcoming arrival, here are some dogs posting for pics with Santa:

A whole lot of nope

A whole lot of yep

They definitely got treats for this

This sweet pup asked Santa for a loving home

Double the Santa cuteness

A dog AND a baby

Telling Santa all the things

Questionable Santa, but the dogs don't seem to mind

Very happy to be a dog

Never too big for Santa's lap

At least Santa's into it

Look at these good dogs

Happy dog, happy Santa



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