Amazon Alexa's Santa Countdown Skill Is a True Blessing for Parents

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If you're tired of hearing your kids ask when Santa's coming to town, this PSA is for you.


Amazon Alexa has a skill that will give your kids a countdown to Santa so you don't have to. The Santa Countdown skill is easy to enable. Just tell your kids to ask, "Alexa, when will Santa be here?" She responds with the number of days until he makes his yuletide journey around the world. She also offers a fact from the top secret Santa files, which is a fun little Christmas bonus for the kiddos.


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You can also enable the Call Santa skill in the Alexa app, giving your kids the chance to hear a recording from Saint Nick himself. They just need to say, "Alexa, call Santa" to hear a special message and to leave him voicemail with their Christmas wishlist.

Just a fun way to keep the Santa tracking questions at bay.