The Best Age-Appropriate Online News Sources for Little Kids

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It's important to expose your kids to world news, especially if they show an interest, but it's also important to make sure they aren't being exposed to topics that are too scary or overwhelming for them.


While grown up websites and news outlets can be great learning tools for kids, it's hard to regulate what is or isn't appropriate for your child on those sites.

The news can be hard to digest for kids (for adults too, really), which is why providing them with age-appropriate, legitimate news sources is so essential in their ability to safely become critical media consumers without giving them nightmares.

Here are three excellent online news sources for kids, with age ratings given by Common Sense Media:


News-O-Matic (ages 7+)

Daily news articles for kids designed to encourage a love of nonfiction reading. Kids can select their reading level (K to 2nd grade, 3rd and 4th grade, 5th grade and up). Subjects include science, sports, world news, technology, arts, and entertainment. Articles can be translated into Spanish and French, as well as audio playback.

Download News-O-Matic free for iOS, Android, and Amazon.


Youngzine (ages 8+)

A current events magazine for kids that shares fun and interesting articles, as well as a supportive and interactive learning community. Kids can participate in discussions about articles, while adult monitors keep a close watch on all the comments to make sure they're appropriate.

Check out Youngzine here.


News-2-You (ages 8+)

A weekly newspaper with four reading levels: simplified, regular, higher, and advanced. Each week, articles offer concise symbol-supported news articles, puzzles, games, and recipes. The app also offers natural-sounding text to speech voices, with the choice of over 38 adult and children's voices.

Download News-2-You for iOS. The cost is $1.99 per newspaper or $54.99 annually.