Uber Introduces Hourly Rate Option for Long Rides

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Since very few people are using Uber these days due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19 (and because there really aren't many places to go), the ride-sharing company is offering flat rates for longer rides with multiple destinations.


The new Hourly function allows riders to set the length of time a trip will likely take, and a flat hourly rate gets locked in. The feature seems to be aimed at those who typically use public transportation to run errands or to make multiple stops, but can't right now because of the pandemic.

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Riders will pay $50 an hour and will need to confirm how long they anticipate the ride will take. If the ride ends up being shorter than expected, they will still have to pay the full amount. Up to three stops will be allowed, and the fees exclude extras like surcharges and tolls.


Unfortunately, the Hourly feature can't be used on rides to and from the airport. Some cities have mileage limits, and for rides that go over the allotted mileage or time, riders will be charged a per mile or per minute rate.

Currently, hourly rates can be used in 12 U.S. cities: Atlanta; Chicago; Washington, DC; Dallas; Houston; Miami; Orlando; Tampa Bay, Philadelphia; Phoenix; Tacoma; and Seattle, with more cities offering the feature in the coming weeks.