This Interactive Map Tells You Which Dinosaurs Lived in Your Area

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If you or your kids are super into dinosaurs and the history of our planet, an interactive map created by paleontologist Ian Webster is going to be your new favorite thing.


Webster created the map as a way to discover which dinosaurs lived in your city millions of years ago. You just need to put in your hometown, or any location you're interested in exploring, and a red pinpoint will appear on the location. Once located, you can also see how your town has moved across 750 million years of the continental drift.

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After you search a location, the map lists the dinosaurs and species that lived in the area up to 750 million years ago. For example, the nearby fossils in Denver, Colorado 400 million years ago were Paronychodon, Richardoestesia, and Dystrophaeus. The results change as you alter the year, and you can click on each result to learn more.


The map also gives information about each time period, like the Devonian Period 400 years ago: "Life on land becomes more complex as plants develop. Insects diversify and fish develop sturdy fins, which eventually evolve into limbs. The first vertebrates walk on land. Oceans and coral reefs host a diverse range of fish, sharks, sea scorpions, and cephalopods."

To experience the interactive map for yourself, click here.