Cool App Alert: Listen to Radio Stations Anywhere in the World

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Not to be dramatic, but we've found one of the absolute coolest apps, and we'd be doing humanity a disservice not to mention it.


Radio Garden is a platform that gives you the chance to listen to live radio stations all around the world with just the click of a button—and it's completely free.

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You can either download the app (iOS, Android) or visit the website to listen. Simply rotate the globe, tap a location, and instantly start listening to the radio station. Information about the radio station will pop up, including other popular stations in the area and nearby cities. You can also use the search feature to find a specific country or city.


There are over 25,000 radio stations to explore—from stations in the U.S. to Indonesia to Ireland to Tahiti to Russia to Chile to the tiniest locations you may have never even heard of.

If you're learning a new language or just interested in hearing music, language, or accents from different cultures, Radio Garden is here for all of it. It's definitely a time sucker, but in our opinion, it's time well spent.