A Cool App: Hear Any Muted TV

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Tunity is an app that lets you hear the audio from any muted TV. It's the perfect scenario if you want to watch TV while the kids are napping, but would rather swim in great white shark infested waters than wake them up.


Instead of trying to read lips while the TV is muted, Tunity can stream the audio directly to your phone, which you can then listen to with headphones or even just really quietly. Tunity is also good when you're at the gym or in a bar and want to hear the TV—you know, for when bars and gyms are a thing again. It also works well in casinos, hotels, restaurants, universities, doctors' offices, and for people who are hard of hearing.


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Here's how it works

Scan the TV, and Tunity identifies the live video stream and its exact timing, then the app syncs the audio with your mobile device. You can hear the audio in real time through headphones or your phone's speaker.

Download Tunity free for iOS and Android.