Zoom Escaper Tool Fakes a Bad Connection to Get You out of Zoom Meetings

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Zoom fatigue is real. In the middle of a video conferencing meeting, sometimes you just wish your internet would go out, your baby would start crying, something could go wrong with the connection, or you'd get stuck inside a cat filter with no way out. Certainly that stuff happens regularly since you've been working from home, but does it ever happen when you need it to? Of course not. But now it can.


Zoom Escaper is a free web widget from Chrome created by artist Sam Lavigne that fakes a bad connection for you. It helps you escape Zoom and other video conferencing calls by giving you the opportunity to "self-sabotage your audio stream, making your presence unbearable to others."

It's really simple to use. Download VB-Audio, a free software that routes your audio through the website. Then in Zoom, change your microphone's input to VB-audio and select the effect you want.


You can choose from an echo, a bad connection, an upset baby, wind, a dog, construction, as well as a man weeping and urination — which might be a little too unrealistic to actually work, but hey, you do you.

Here's a tutorial:

So, the next time you have a Zoom meeting you want to get out of... you know what to do.