This Smart Monitor Will Help You Stop Killing Your Plants

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Plants are a great addition to any home, but if you don't know how to properly take care of them, they probably won't last long. If you're new to taking care of plants, or if you could just use some guidance, you might want to consider a smart plant monitor.


Northfifteen's Connected Home Plant Monitor tracks your plant's health and helps you keep it alive. It's a plantable device with sensors that accurately measure the temperature, as well as the amount of water, light, and fertilizer your plant gets. It then makes suggestions for what the plant needs to be healthy.

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The device connects via Bluetooth and works with a companion app so you can easily monitor your plants from your smartphone. The app offers daily, weekly, and monthly stats so you can keep tabs on the progress.

One reviewer wrote, "I have a small indoor garden and purchased one of these for each pot. I love being able to check the moisture without getting down and putting my hands in the dirt or sticking one of those green meters with the long prongs into each plant. I can just sit there an look at each plant and determine which ones to water and how much to give."



Another reviewer wrote, "I didn't expect much from these, but once I put them in a few plants and checked them daily following the instructions my plants immediately did better. It's hard to tell on some plants if they are dry at the root or if there is too much light or fertilizer, and these puppies tell you all that."

You can buy the plant monitor on Amazon for $29.95.



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