NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt Now Has a Kids Edition

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Nightly news isn't always kid-friendly programming, in fact, the news can be pretty a pretty scary place for kids. But here's some news (pun intended): Nightly News with Lester Holt: Kids Edition is a thing and it's so, so great.


The show has a very Nightly News vibe, which gives kids the feeling that they aren't being talked down to, but all the stories are kid-friendly — ones that are easy to understand and that kids will find interesting. A new episode is released every week or so and they are 16 to 25 minutes in length.


Holt answers kids' questions about vaccinations, discuss immigration, offer summertime fun tips, feature kids who are competing in the Olympics, tell stories of animals in the news, and highlight inspiring kids who are doing big things to help their communities.

Here's the latest episode:

So far there are about 20 episodes to watch that you and your kids can check out here.