Can't Hear Instagram Stories After iOS 15 Update? There's an Easy Fix

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Apple released its iOS 15 software update this week. There are lot of cool new features, including faster Siri, Focus mode, and hundreds of new emoji. But one new feature that isn't ideal is an issue with the sound on Instagram Stories.


If you've already downloaded iOS 15, you've probably noticed that you can't hear Instagram Stories while using your iPhone. Of course, the lack of sound takes away from the Instagram experience — but most of all, it's frustrating.

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The good news is, it isn't only happening to you, and there's an easy way to fix the issue. Ready for it? Turn your phone's sound on. Really, that's it.


Your phone is on silent/vibrate right now, isn't it? Yeah, switch that little nob on the left side of your phone to the on position. Now try Instagram Stories again.

The iOS update requires your phone's sound to be on to hear Stories, which is super annoying. Hopefully Apple will fix the issue sooner rather than later, because chances are, after you've taken your phone off silent to hear Stories, you're going to forget and when a text or a call comes through (or your Ring doorbell), it's going to be alarming. Literally and figuratively.