Safe Vision App Filters YouTube Videos for Kids

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Image Credit: sankai/E+/GettyImages

YouTube has a lot of really great educational content for kids, but unfortunately, the app is saturated with videos that aren't age-appropriate or safe for kids to watch, so the good-for-them videos aren't always worth the risk — especially if they're watching unsupervised. YouTube has parental controls that help you manage what your kids are watching, but disturbing videos featuring adult content regularly sneak past YouTube's kid-friendly blockers. That's where Safe Vision comes in.


Safe Vision is an app (iOS, Android) that monitors and filters YouTube videos so you don't have to. It's a 100% secure alternative to YouTube. Safe Vision was "developed by parents for parents, allowing our children to explore, learn, and laugh while being protected from inappropriate content," according to the app.


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The content suggested for your child is screened by a real person, not an algorithm. You have control over unlocking which channels and videos deem appropriate for your child. The app shows you which videos your child has watched, so you can keep tabs without them even knowing.

YouTube will finally be a place that your kids can explore unsupervised, so you can get back to doing all the things.