10 Geeky Valentine's Gifts to Melt Your Favorite Nerd's Heart

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Candy is sweet, but not as sweet as thaumatin. What's really going to put a smile on your favorite geek's face? Probably not a box of chocolates--the nerdy palette calls for something a bit more... eccentric.


1. Give the gift of snark with perfect pink

This radiant shade of pink is not just gorgeous, it's a sly act of rebellion against a certain copyright claim. Here's what we're talking about: A few years ago, scientists invented a means to create the darkest known material on the face of the Earth. Vantablack is made of carbon nanotubes which trap particles of light and keep them from escaping. And artist Anish Kapoor owns the exclusive license for using this material, a fact that has angered so many people.

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Enter artist Stuart Semple, who heroically stepped into action and created The World's Pinkest Pink. Anyone can use Stuart's shade of pink. (Everyone, that is, but Anish Kapoor.) Join in the resistance and also have a cute, fluorescent shade of pink paint. A jar of this pink magic is perfect for a color connoisseur with a taste for law. You can buy a 50g container for $5.


2. Ever wonder what Saturn tastes like? Now you do

The moon may be made of cheese, but the planets are essentially pure sugar in Planet Lollipops, a whimsical model of the solar system. Each planet is a different flavor, just the way Roman astronomers (and you when you were 4) thought they might be. There is even one for Pluto. This set is perfect for a geek with a sweet tooth and an eye for the marvel of space. Suck on them for $30.


3. Magic may not be real but magnets are close enough

If you have never heard of Ferrofluid, you are in for a treat. This liquid becomes strongly magnetized when exposed to a magnet, responding in strange and beautiful ways. Did we mention it was invented by NASA as rocket fuel? Though more commonly available in black, this sparkling, blue mixture contains a little hint of the Valentine's Day spirit. For anyone who craves a little bottle of magic but has no pixie dust in reach, this is the sweetest gift the real world can offer. This vial of magic can be had for less than $10.


4. Never lose your fellow nerd in the crowd with this Poké bag

Maybe your dearest is tired of carrying around an ordinary purse and wants something more their style. Maybe your sweetheart is a die-hard fan of Pokémon Go and needs a container for portable batteries and water. Maybe you just know the look of this Poké Ball Heart Crossbody Bag will bring a smile to their face. Whatever the reason, this bag is a sign that says you love each other as much as you love Pokémon. Snag it on ThinkGeek for $50.


5. Solve a custom puzzle featuring a cherished memory

Are you a puzzling sort of couple? Any image you like (well, within reason) can be printed on one of these adorable heart frames. Maybe you'll choose a sweet and heart-warming photo, but there's nothing stopping you from adding more puzzle to your puzzle, like a secret coded message or special combination lock code that needs the whole heart to be complete. One thing that makes this Love Connection Personalized Photo Puzzle is how creative it encourages you to be. Let your creativity shine. And all that for about $12.


6. Give the gift of nearly incomprehensible time

For those who love binary, matrices, natural logs, and not knowing exactly what time it is, the Equation Geek Watch is one very cool timepiece. Each hour mark is a mathematical representation of a differently obscure variety. To a math geek, this timepiece is a sight for sore eyes. And it can be your special someone's for $68.


7. Only the most Elven (or Vulcan) adornments will do

It is true that we are only human. We can be emotional. We make mistakes. And our lifespan is much shorter than that of our pointed-eared friends. This may all be true, but what is the harm in dreaming? These gorgeous ear cuffs will give your dear one the pointed ears they always wanted, if only temporarily. When ordinary jewelry just won't make the cut, it's a good thing we have nerdy pieces like this Elfeara Earwrap (for $25).


8. Who needs stuffed animals when you can have a living dinosaur?

For those who once dreamed of having a pet dinosaur, here's a sweet and heartwarming gift. Inside this critter is a population of dinoflagellates, single-celled bio-luminescent plankton that shine beautifully at night. As a couple, you can raise your dinos with indirect sunlight and careful doses of food, and watch proudly as your Dino Pet thrives (despite what Ian Malcolm claims). It can be yours for $60.


9. Express eternal love in a way only a nerd can understand

When artist Klaus Bosch designed this Deep Sea Sand Art, he saw it as a beautiful illustration of entropy. A single disturbance from the outside will cause mountains and seas of sand to whir into life, shifting and transforming with the power of time. The display shows millennia passing by in moments, stirred to live by a simple shift of the hand.


For the lovers of geology and the mysteries of the Earth's formation, and for the romantics who yearn for love to last infinitely through time, there is this gorgeous art piece. You can buy it for $85.

10. If your dearest Whovian needs to unwind, this is the perfect gift

When we have too much on our plates, it can be hard to remember to relax. For a fan of Doctor Who, the temptation to set worries aside may finally win over. The illustrations in this Doctor Who Coloring Book are too pretty not to color. Forget chocolate and candles. To a Whovian, this is the ticket to a relaxing night in. Our only regret: It's not bigger on the inside. Buy it on Amazon for under $10.