Advantages of a Data Projector

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Data projectors can project still images and video.
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Compared to previous projection technologies and other ways of presenting information, a data projector has several distinct advantages -- including the ability to easily manipulate and update information, flexibility, portability and easy integration with multimedia and online content. Especially in the case of small business presentations, where every opportunity to present your business to a new audience is priceless, taking full advantage of these benefits is critical to delivering persuasive, engaging and successful presentations.


Data Mangement

Unlike slide and overhead projectors that require that transparencies be completely redesigned -- often at an elevated printing cost -- or handouts that need to be reprinted, a data projector makes changing information in a presentation as simple as opening digital files and editing entries with a few keystrokes. Connected to a computer or smartphone, a data projector takes full advantage of digital editing capabilities to help users tailor their presentations to specific contexts, update their numbers to reflect recent changes and easily project changes to the audience.

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Easy Setup and Flexibility

You can connect a data projector to any digital image output device, including computers, smartphones or PDAs, to share files and screens with the audience. The connection tends to be rather simple and you can also adjust your projector settings or move it back or forward to change the size of the screen to better suit the size of the space and the audience. Most data projectors maintain high-quality, readable screen resolution -- depending on the amount of light they put out -- in a range from 90- to 120-inch diagonals, with some supporting even larger formats.



Sizes and weights for data projectors depend on the make and model, but the devices tend to be relatively small and lightweight. Most are designed to be easily transported and setup in different locations, making them the perfect companion for cross-country and global business trips where you might have the opportunity to present to several audiences. Used with a handheld or mobile output device, your data projector and entire presentation could fit in a single briefcase.



Multimedia Content and Online Use

Although data projectors are traditionally used to project still images, many models support multimedia content such as video and can be connected to a sound system for audio accompaniment. Excessive multimedia use can be distracting for an audience, but if it is strategically used some video and audio can keep your audience engaged and interested. For question-and-answer sessions where you may need to look up information, some data projectors even allow you to project your computer or mobile device screen while you consult Web resources.



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