15 Killer Ways to Spook Up Your Porch for Halloween

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Halloween is arguably the best, most fun holiday of the year. You get to dress up in ridiculous costumes but still be taken seriously as an adult human. You also get to eat as much candy as you hand out to trick-or-treaters, which is why it's a rule that you have to buy twice as much candy as you can possibly give away. And best of all, you get to decorate your home with all the spooky decorations you can get your hands on, scaring the neighborhood kids (and adults, if the decorations are legit).


So basically Halloween is perfect.

But to reach Halloween perfection, not only do you have to find the scariest, wittiest, or most well-put-together costume; you also have to come up with new, spooky decorations each year that will top the fright you gave your guests last year.


To help you spook up your haunted porch this Halloween, here are some cool gadgety decorations that will be sure to turn your house into the scary house on the block.

Oh, and looking for more scary stuff? We rounded up some terrifying animatronics for your porch as well.


15. Flashing Eyes Halloween Lights

For a fright that won't give little kids nightmares, check out Peep n' Peepers Flashing Eyes. They're mysterious and just creepy enough to get the job done. These weather-resistant colorful cartoon eye decorations come with a hook so you can easily attach them to bushes or a tree. They light up randomly and are powered by a standard electrical outlet.


You can buy a set of three pairs of Peep n' Peepers Flashing Eyes on Amazon for $12.76.

14. Screaming Doormat

What better way to scare everyone who comes to your door than with a screaming doormat (doormat not included). You simply place the battery operated, pressure sensitive pad under any doormat and wait for the spooks to happen. Not for the faint of heart of faint of sense of humor.


The Screaming Doormat is available on Amazon for $12.00.

13. Wireless Speaker

Want to add spooky sound effects to your already spooky porch? Easy. The Sengled Pulse Dimmable LED Light Bulb comes equipped with wireless Bluetooth. So download your favorite Halloween playlist, screw in the light bulb, and your house will instantly become scarier... and noisier.


The Sengled Pulse Dimmable LED Light Bulb with a Built-In Wireless Bluetooth JBL Speaker, Master + Satellite (Pair) can be found on Amazon for $119.99—which is the cheapest price I found.

12. Scary Tapping Peeper


Peepers aren't always on the outside of the house. Sometimes they're on... the INSIDE. Muahahahaha. Hang the motion-activated Scary Tapping Peeper on the inside of your window and scare the trick-or-treaters (and likely their parents too). The Peeper can be set to tap three times every 10 seconds or to tap three times whenever motion is detected.


The Scary Tapping Peeper is for sale at ThinkGeek for $44.99.

11. Digitial Decoration DVD

This one's genuinely terrifying. The AtmosFX Digital Decoration DVD is a spooky decoration that comes to life. You just need a TV or a projector for playing the DVD. Or you can purchase material for projecting it on windows and into thin air. THIN AIR, you guys.


Available for purchase at ThinkGeek for $19.99.

10. LED Hanging Clown

Zombies, skeletons, vampires, and bloody dead things in general are scary. But if you REALLY want to scare your visitors, the LED Hanging Clown with flashing red eyes and a terrifying creepy smile should do the trick. With posable arms, the clown stands 6 feet tall. Requires two AA batteries.


This nightmare clown can be bought at Oriental Trading for $41.99.

9. Shaking Skeleton in a Body Bag

Give the illusion of death right at your doorstep. This maniacally lively plastic skeleton comes inside a "city morgue" body bag, and it responds to approaching people by shaking, screaming, laughing, and flashing red light from its eyes. Runs (or quivers) on two AA batteries.

You can find the Shaking Skeleton at Oriental Trading for $29.99.

8. Perfect Storm Halloween Décor

The Perfect Storm gadget comes with a CD that creates scary thunder sounds while simultaneously flashing the house lights on and off. Just plug your lights into the box, place it in front of a CD player, and when thunder is heard, the lights will synchronize to the sounds. On a dark and stormy night...

Kmart sells the Perfect Storm for $38.49.

7. Animated Swinging Decrepit Doll Girl

When I said that clowns were the ultimate scary Halloween decoration, I forgot about decrepit dolls on swings. This doll features an infrared sensor, hollowed-out eyes that glow, and an array of creepy phrases that she passes along to everyone who walks by. Oh, and her head turns side-to-side as she swings back and forth on her swing. So, yeah: terrifying.

She's available for purchase on eBay for $99.99.

6. Remote Control LED Candles

As trick-or-treaters approach, click the "on" button on the remote control to turn a dozen of these orange flameless candles on at once, giving impressionable candy vultures a sudden jolt of adrenaline to augment their sugar high.

For a 12-pack of Remote Control LED Candles priced at $16.99, head to Amazon.

5. Whirl A Motion Witches and Cats Projection Lightshow

Halloween isn't Halloween without apparitions of witches and cats. Good thing the Witches and Cats Projection Lightshow exists. This gadget isn't so much spooky as straight-up awesome. The projector stakes into the ground and is very easy to set up.

Pick it up from Amazon for $29.50.

4. Chauvet Hurricane 700 Fog Machine

If the natural fog of All Hallows Eve doesn't roll in by sunset (the way it does in movies), your next best thing is to break out the fog machine. With the Chauvet Hurricane 700 Fog Machine, you can add a strobe light for an even more uncanny "events in fog" effect.

Available on Amazon for $33.99 (fog machine only) or $74.09 (fog machine plus strobe light).

3. Stranger Door Knocker

The perfect way to scare off unwanted guests... or guests of any description. The Stranger at the Door door knocker is motion activated, so when someone approaches, the arm knocks and eerily says "let me in, let me in." It runs on AA batteries.

You can find it at Spiders of the Web for $13.37.

2. Exploding Fuse Box

This fuse box looks totally normal until it swings open and fuses begin sparking and popping as if it were possessed by evil spirits. No one will know it's not actually possessed except you (and you possess it, so that's fun). According to Fright Props, it uses Flash cracker technology and is air and electric powered. But talk about scary—check out the price tag on this baby. Choosing between one exploding fuse box and, say, half a dozen Scary Tapping Peepers and a couple of Hanging Clowns backed by ten Chauvet fog machines is a tough call, obviously.

Available at Fright Props for $700+, depending on your add-ons.

1. Vortex Tunnel

If you happen to have 10 grand to spare and a strong desire to own the ultimate Halloween decoration, the Vortex Tunnel might be for you. It's an actual 1,001-pound tunnel equipped with a bridge and handrails inside to lead your brave but willing guests into your haunted house.

You can buy this unbelievably cool decoration at Haunted Props for a mere $10,672.20. See-through Catwalk Bridge Floor ($500), Tunnel Sound System ($500), Effects Master Strobing Black Light ($500), and Tunnel Customizing ($2,500) are of course extra.

Want some more scary stuff? We rounded up some terrifying animatronics for your porch as well.

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