My Acer Laptop is Plugged in & the Battery is Not Charging

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There could be several reasons that your laptop is not charging.
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While your Acer laptop can provide you with the mobility to work and entertain yourself without needing a cord, you can run into frustration when your laptop suddenly stops charging. While you might assume this means you have a bad battery, other issues such as your power cable and computer settings might cause the problem. You have several ways to troubleshoot why your Acer computer won't charge so that you can avoid a potentially expensive trip to the computer repair shop. In some cases, you might solve your problem without needing to replace anything at all.


Why an Acer Computer Won't Charge

Before you start trying to figure out why your Acer computer won't charge, it helps to look at some common causes. These include:

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  • Bad power cord
  • Poor connection
  • Bad outlet or surge protector
  • Aged or defective battery
  • Electrical issues such as overheating
  • Computer settings and software


Know Your Acer's Power Settings

If you notice that your battery won't charge anymore once it reaches around 94 percent, you should know that Acer warns the cause might not be a problem with your computer, battery or power cord. Instead, the manufacturer sets its computers not to charge unless the battery capacity falls below a certain point, often 90 percent. Try unplugging your computer and letting the battery drain below that point before you attempt to charge it again.


Windows power settings might also contribute to what looks like a charging issue. Go into your Windows Power & Sleep Settings to look at your selected power plan. For example, you might have a setting that shuts off your computer after a specific time, and this can make you think the battery ran out early.


Inspect the Laptop Battery

Consider your battery's age and any other odd behaviors you've noticed. Laptop batteries can fail after just a year or two, so if you have an older computer, you might need a new battery. The same applies if you notice any odd signs like swelling, which can happen due to overcharging the battery over time, or problems with the battery's connector.


If you have a removable battery, you can often buy a new one online and install it yourself. However, many Acer models have internal batteries that require a trip to a repair shop if you don't know how to do the work yourself safely.

Check the Power Source

When your battery doesn't seem old or defective, consider the power supply as a possible culprit. Check the power adapter's connector to make sure it's in the right port and sits firmly in it. Also, inspect the power cable to see if it feels hot or has any tears or wear. If you notice any of these problems, try using another charging adapter if you can, whether you borrow one from someone who has the same machine or purchase a new one.


Keep in mind that your power outlet or any surge protector could also cause a charging problem if it has a defect. Try plugging your Acer laptop into another outlet or surge protector to see if it charges normally then.

Reset the Battery

Sometimes, the fix could be as simple as removing the battery for about 10 seconds and reinserting it. If your Acer Aspire has an internal battery, Acer has a process that resets the battery just like removing it would. After you unplug your laptop, turn over the laptop and look for a small pinhole. Take a paper clip and press it into that hole for around five seconds to do the reset.


Take Your Laptop for a Professional Inspection

If you try all these steps and your Acer computer won't charge still, you could have another cause such as an electrical problem or outdated system BIOS software. While you could try continuing to troubleshoot yourself, taking your laptop to a professional can get you a definite answer. This insight can help you decide whether you should repair or replace your laptop.


Contact Acer for technical support if your laptop is still within its warranty period. The company might set up a repair or replacement for you after you complete the repair request form on its support site. If your warranty expired or you need another repair option, perform a Google search to find nearby computer repair shops and get quotes.