The Advantages of AutoCAD Vs. Manual Drafting

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When drafting designs, you have the option of doing it manually or using a software program such as AutoCAD. While some prefer to draft manually, AutoCAD provides you with some advantages you cannot get with a pencil and sheet of drafting paper. If you are thinking about trying to save the money and skip using AutoCAD, it is usually worth your time to make the investment.



One of the advantages of using AutoCAD over using regular manual drafting techniques is that you can access your drawings from anywhere. With AutoCAD technology, you can save your drawing on a remote server and then access it from any computer or Internet-connected device. This can save you from having to carry your materials around with you. If you forget to bring your drawing with you, you can simply pull it up on a computer from anywhere.


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3D Views

Another advantage that AutoCAD has over manual drafting is the ability to look at your drawings in 3D. While you can try to make 3D drawings, they typically will not be as realistic as what you can see on AutoCAD. When you use AutoCAD, you can bring your drawings to life and help your clients see what they will be getting from a project. It helps with the visualization process and makes your drawings appear more realistic.


Save Time

Using AutoCAD technology can provide you with a way to save a substantial amount of time over having to draw manually. When you use manual techniques, you must physically draw every line and make sure that it is in the appropriate place. With AutoCAD, you can simply point and click. If you need to change something, you can edit it very quickly. This allows you to get drafting projects done quicker so that you can move on to other things.


Industry Standard

Another reason that you may want to utilize AutoCAD technology is that it is the industry standard. AutoCAD software is used by many professionals in the design field. If you need to send a design to someone else you can be certain that he will be able to access it. If you draft manually, you may not be able to send drawings and information as easily. When you use other design programs, others may not be able to access them.