Advantages of Adobe Photoshop

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Photoshop is much more capable than a simple image editor.

Many users who haven't experienced Photoshop might wonder why it has an almost cult following. Photoshop is a powerful image editing program created and maintained by Adobe. It was originally released in 1990 and has since become the leader in photo manipulation software by providing advanced software capabilities to everyday consumers.


Friendly Interface vs. Control Balance

Although Photoshop has an intimidating layout to new users, it actually is much easier to work with than competing programs, which can be inconsistent. Each of the windows that display information or provide function can be opened from a single menu, resized and relocated for personal preferences. Most importantly, the interface isn't overly simple. Some programs make a mistake by not providing enough options, which can become frustrating because it ultimately reduces your productivity. Photoshop strikes a balance by having several automatic functions, while still providing manual access.


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High-Tech Coding

The programming experts at Adobe are skilled at reducing a visual element into data that computers can manipulate. This results in a higher-quality result when it comes to color correction, resizing, HDR imaging and so on. Programs by less capable companies might excel in a specific area, but Photoshop usually creates the best products for a majority of the processing effects.


Huge Number of Features

Photoshop can do nearly anything regarding online media. Although it started out as a photo processing program, it has evolved to create and edit video, create 3-D images and facilitate graphic design. Many users don't use a majority of the program simply because they aren't working in that specific field. Adobe has begun offering simpler products, such as Photoshop Elements, for users who don't want all the extra features.


Adobe Creative Suite

Almost all of the files created by an Adobe product are transferable between the different programs in its Creative Suite. This means that a graphic can be created in Adobe Illustrator, added to a photo in Photoshop, sent to Adobe Premiere to add in a video and then sent to After Effects for post processing without trouble or loss quality. Files created or opened in other programs might need to be converted to a higher compression file, such as a JPEG, which reduces the quality of the finished product.


Community Support

Because of the popularity of the program, an enormous amount of free education and support is available online. Many websites specialize in creating tutorials to teach you how to do specific tasks, such as creating a spaceship or airbrushing. The sheer number of people using the product ensures you are not the only one with an issue or looking for a specific technique.