Amplified Antenna Vs. Non-Amplified

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Pick up the remote to scan new digital channels clear and free.

Some are often puzzled by the switch from analog to digital. If you do not carry any cable provider theirs two items you need, to see programs a converter box and antenna.This will pick up the most channels and display a better image quality.


Non-amplified Antennas

Non-amplified antennas are commonly used indoors and able to pick up signals in every direction. They often come in either a rabbit ear design or flat amplified antenna.

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When, the area around the home is near TV signal towers with little interference this antenna will be satisfactory.


Amplified Antennas

Amplified antennas come with a power cord that requires an outlet. An Amplified antenna pulls in a directional signal from a larger distance.

Travels Through Obstacles

This antenna works perfect from far away TV signal towers and can carrier a signal through many obstacles.



Ask your neighbor or local TV station

If there are others within your neighborhood who utilizes an antenna within their home, try to ask neighbor for the model and style. Another suggestion is contacting the local TV station with any antenna related questions.




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