15 Apps You Need To Survive Turkey Day


Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and friends. But as much as we love our families, there can be such a thing as too much togetherness—especially when it comes to Great Aunt Bertha who keeps asking when you're finally going to have a baby and Uncle Scott who can't wait to corner you about your religious beliefs.

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It can take some finesse to get through Turkey Day with your sanity intact and these apps are here to help.

15. KitchenPad Timer

If you're hosting Thanksgiving, the last thing you'll want to do is spend it in the kitchen instead of socializing with your guests. That's where the KitchenPad Timer app comes in; it lets you set multiple timers to keep track of everything you're cooking directly from your phone.


It cleverly uses the visual metaphor of your stove and oven to make it easy to track. This keeps you with your guests instead of running to the kitchen (or worse yet, burning the turkey!). It's available for iOS for $2.99.

14. Hello Vino

Nothing says "pass me the alcohol" like Thanksgiving dinner. Hello Vino helps you plan the perfect wine pairings for your holiday meal, select just the right wine based on the type of turkey you're preparing, or even scan a bottle's UPC on the go to read reviews at the grocery store.


You can get it on both iOS and Android for free.

13. Instacart

No matter how well-prepared you think you are for Thanksgiving, you'll probably forget at least one or two things. Instead of frantically calling mom and dad to make a pitstop at whatever store they can find on their way over this year, why not trying handle it with a little more… grace?


Instacart is an app for both iOS and Android that offers inexpensive delivery of almost everything you can find at the grocery store. Granted, drivers may be busy on Thanksgiving, but it's worth a try! The app is free, but of course you'll have to pay for anything you order.

12. Lush

Wine not cutting it? If you need something stronger to get through Turkey Day, Lush is exactly what you need. You'll find recipes for every type of cocktail you can imagine, searchable by everything from drink ingredients to glass type.


Creating a signature cocktail will impress your guests and keep you sane by the time dessert rolls around. Sorry, Android users; this is iOS only. And it costs $2.

11. Spotify

Curate the ultimate Thanksgiving playlist and set the mood with Spotify's streaming music services. Choose your own songs or select a station by artist or mood, or you can even listen to someone else's perfect playlist.


Your family and friends can even follow your playlists to keep the music playing long after Thanksgiving is over. The app is free, though you may need to pay for a Spotify subscription. It's available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

10. DealNews Black Friday

Once upon a time, Black Friday began on, you know... Friday. Those days are long gone, and this year many of the best deals are only available on Thanksgiving.


The DealNews Black Friday app puts all of the major retailers' ads in one place, helping you decide your plan of attack for the big day. It's free for both iOS and Android.

9. Mint

Before you hit up those Black Friday sales, it's a good idea to take stock of your entire financial picture.


Mint lets you add everything from bank accounts to car loans and credit cards to one place, making it easy to check your credit card balances as you shop.

It's available for free for a number of devices including iOS, Android, and Kindle.

8. Skyscanner

If you're flying this Turkey Day, Skyscanner can help you find the best price on domestic and international flights. It searches millions of flight combinations across hundreds of airlines to find the lowest price, and then sends you directly to the airline to purchase your flight without costly booking fees.


You can even view fares by the week or month to help you nail down the cheapest days to travel when your schedule is flexible. You can install it to iOS and Android for free.

7. LoungeBuddy

After battling long security lines and facing delayed or canceled flights, you'll be more than ready for a cold drink and a quiet place to decompress. Whether you're flying first-class or coach, LoungeBuddy helps you locate airport lounges throughout your trip to let you spend your layovers in style. It's free and it's for iOS and Android.

6. Fake Call

If you're already trying to fake your way out of Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws, there's an app for that. Fake Call lets you set up a fake call on your Android phone in advance, so you can easily ditch excruciating dinners with the folks without anyone being the wiser. You can customize the caller ID, profile picture, and even select sound to play as you talk, to make your fake call seem even more real. You'll be home free in no time.

5. Hand Turkey

Keep the kids entertained on Turkey Day with, you guessed it, an app dedicated to everything turkey! Hand Turkey lets kids decorate their own hand turkeys plus play a variety of holiday-themed games.


You'll be extra grateful for a few more minutes of peace around the dinner table this year. It's free for iOS.

4. Roadtrippers

If you're road tripping to visit family this Thanksgiving, you know how challenging it can be to plan a route especially when you have multiple stops along the way.

Roadtrippers compiles all of your planning into one place, even pointing out interesting attractions along your route, and helping you book hotel rooms right from the app. Whether you're traveling across the country or just across the state, Roadtrippers can take some of the stress out of the holiday. Get it for free on both iOS and Android.

3. Food Network In The Kitchen

All thumbs in the kitchen but still want to wow your in-laws with an amazing side dish or dessert? The Food Network In The Kitchen app helps even the worst cooks fake it 'til they make it with easy-to-follow recipes, video how-to's, and cooking tips from all of your favorite chefs.


You may not know a flan from a flambe, but no one will know when they taste your next culinary masterpiece. Get it for free on both iOS and Android.

2. Fireplace HD+

Every holiday celebration deserves a little extra ambiance. If you don't have a fireplace, Fireplace HD+ lets you turn your iPad or iPhone into one, complete with all of the crackling, popping sounds of a real fire, for $.99.


You can even use Airplay to stream it from your phone to your Apple TV, turning your TV into a focal point for conversation instead of football. Listen to the realistic built-in sounds of the fire or set your fire to music for a more festive sound.

1. Conversation Shaker

Let's face it, Thanksgiving dinner can get real awkward real fast. If you're stuck sitting next to your Great Uncle Alfred who hasn't talked to you since you insulted his beloved Raiders last year, Conversation Shaker is here to help.

Scroll through different types of social settings for suggested conversation topics and starters. There's even a Thanksgiving dinner category for holiday conversation topics to get you off on a better foot this year! iOS only, for free.

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