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Cell phones are now practically as common as wristwatches. Perhaps for good reason, too: The newer models of cell phones (called "smart phones" as of 2009) allow users to check e-mail, surf the Internet and even use computer programs such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. If you are new to cell phone usage, you do not need all the "bells and whistles." At its core, a cell phone is simply a phone.


Examine Your Phone

Cell phones vary in size, style and function from one manufacturer to another. Despite the differences in appearance, once you become familiar with one phone, you will be able to use practically any other cell phone. The first step, therefore, is to examine your phone. If you have your user manual, open it up and read the sections on "getting started" or "your phone."

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In general, a basic cell phone has a screen that displays information such as the date, the time and how much battery life remains on the cell phone. Under the screen, a numeric keypad is generally present containing digits 0 to 9. When you press one of the digits, that number will display on your screen. Other buttons on the keypad include a directional pad to scroll through menus and buttons that will turn the phone on or off. The user manual for you specific cell phone will point out where these buttons are; if you do not have a user manual, either search for one on the Internet or play around with your phone to get a feel for it.


Receiving Calls and Making Calls

When someone calls your cell phone, typically the screen will light up, display the caller's number, and your phone will ring (or vibrate or remain silent depending on the model and settings). To answer a cell phone call, either simply open your cell phone (if it is a flip phone with the "answer on open" option selected) or hit the green call button located on the right side of most phones (check your user manual for specific instructions regarding your cell phone). Once answered, hold the phone to your ear and speak into the speaker located at the bottom of your cell phone.


To make calls, simply type each digit of the number you are trying to call on the keypad of your phone. Each digit you press will display itself on the screen; check the screen to ensure you are typing the right buttons. Once you are finished dialing, push the "call" button (typically a green button located on the right side of the cell phone). The cell phone will then dial the number. To end the call, tap the "end call" button (typically a red button located on the left side of your cell phone) or close your phone (if it is a phone that flips open and closed).

Keep in mind: These are basic cell phone instructions; they may vary slightly depending on your cell phone model. When in doubt, check your user manual for your phone or contact a customer service representative.


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