How to Block Incoming Calls on Your Samsung Cell Phone

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You can block callers on your Samsung cell phone.

Most modern Samsung phones have special features to control who is allowed to reach you. By making changes in the "call restrictions" section of your Samsung phone, you can block people from calling you. Once the call restriction is set, you will not hear any calls come through your phone until you change the settings back to normal. All callers will be sent directly to voice mail. You can also set your phone so that certain callers will be sent to voice mail automatically.

Blocking All Incoming Calls

Step 1

Go to the main menu on your Samsung cell phone. Press "Tools & Settings" or the similar section listed under the first-level menu options.

Step 2

Press "Call Settings" or similar. You will be taken to a list of options for receiving your calls. Select the "Call Restrictions" option.

Step 3

Under "Incoming" select "Yes" to program your phone to automatically reject all incoming calls. On some models you can also set the phone to restrict calls from anyone outside of your contact list, or only from callers who are on your contact list under the "Call Restrictions" menu.

Blocking an Individual Person

Step 1

Save the person's phone number in your Samsung phone's address book. If it's a bill collector or another person you don't know, you can save the name as something generic, like "Ignore" or "Block."

Step 2

Go to the entry that you just saved in your contact list and click "Edit." Scroll down until you see "Sounds," "Tones" or something similar and press "OK."

Step 3

Scroll down again until you see "No Ring." Select this option and then press "OK" to save this new change to the contact. From now on, all incoming calls from this person will be silent and will be sent to voice mail without you hearing the phone ring.


If your Samsung phone doesn't have a "No Ring" option for contact ring tones, you can record a new silent sound. Simply go to a quiet area and record two to three seconds of silence. You can then use this as your ring tone.

The Samsung Sync has the option to add up to 10 numbers to a "block list." They will automatically be sent to voice mail.

If your Samsung phone is under AT&T service, you can add the "Smart Limits" feature to your plan. This feature allows you to block specific incoming and outgoing calls. When unwanted callers dial your number they will get a generic message stating that you are unavailable.