How to Block Your Number from Caller ID

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Most telephone carriers support Caller ID blocking.

Caller ID allows anyone who subscribes to the service to identify the phone number and often the name of an incoming caller. This feature gives consumers the ability to screen calls and avoid unwelcome calls from bill collectors or others. The downside is that Caller ID is a two-way street – the people you call will also know you are on the line. For sensitive situations in which you call someone and don't want your name or number to appear, you can enable a feature known as "Caller ID Blocking." When the phone rings, the person on the other end will see a generic message such as "Private Caller" or "Blocked Caller."


Step 1

Pick up your phone and listen for a dial tone.

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Step 2

Press "*67" on a touch-tone phone or dial "1167" on a rotary phone.

Step 3

Listen for two beeps or a stutter tone and then a dial tone. Caller ID blocking is now enabled. Dial the telephone number of the person you want to reach.



The "*67" feature code works on Verizon, Vonage, AT&T and most other major carriers in the U.S. at the time of publication.


Caller ID blocking does not work if you are calling a toll-free number, such as those with an 800, 866 or 877 prefix. Additionally, your name and/or number may not be blocked when you call a mobile phone.



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