Boston Acoustic A100 Specs

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Boston Acoustics, Inc., was founded in 1979. The company designs and manufactures audio systems that are sold worldwide. Its products include a line of home audio and video systems, in addition to audio systems for automobiles and custom-designed and -installed speaker systems. The company holds over eighteen registered trademarks including BrassTrac and PowerVent. Boston Acoustics also holds more than 26 US patents relating to audio and video. The Boston Acoustics A100 speaker was manufactured in three series between the years 1981 and 1991.



The speakers are 32 ½ inches tall by 16 inches wide by 8.4 inches deep. Each speaker weighs 44 pounds. The speaker cabinets are available in walnut wood grain vinyl and oak veneer. The cabinets in the newest speakers in this series (Series III) are also available in a furniture-grade cherrywood veneer finish.


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Frequency and Power

The crossover frequency for the speaker is 2000 Hz. The frequency response is between 39 to 20,000 Hz. The speaker rating is 100 watts, the impedance is 8 ohms and its sensitivity is 90 dB. The power is 15 to 75 watts per channel.


Woofer and Tweeter

The woofer is 10 inches, calculated so that the placement provides maximum bass potential. The tweeter is one inch in diameter and is ferrofluid-cooled, meaning that it contains a small amount of a special fluid between the magnet and voice coil. This fluid allows the speaker to have a lighter voice coil which results in better overall performance.





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