Can I Track Who Visits My Facebook Page?

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Use Facebook Insights to get valuable information about your visitors.

Unlike personal Facebook profiles, Facebook pages have more functionality when it comes to monitoring activity on the feed. The Facebook Insights service provides several tools to help you track the number -- but not identity -- of the people who visit your Facebook page.


Accessing Insights

To get access to tracking for your Facebook page, navigate to your Facebook page wall. In the right column, click "View Insights," which takes you to the page overview for your Facebook Insights, a service offering basic information about the number of users who interact with your page and the interactions they make with your page.


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User Details

To get more in-depth information about the users who are going to your page, click "See Details" next to the "Users" title in the body of the page. This displays the number of new people who "liked" your page as well as the number of people who are active on your page on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. No information about the individual users who are visiting your page is provided in Facebook Insights.



While you won't be able to see exactly who has visited your page using Insights, you can get some helpful information from the app's "User Detail" page. Scroll down near the bottom of the User Detail page until you see the "Demographics" section. Here you'll find the age range and gender of the users who go have gone to your page, as well as the city and country that those users logged in from. This information can be a big help in tailoring your Facebook updates and uploads to the audience that will appreciate it most. For example, if you have a health-related page have a high number of middle-aged women visiting your site, you may want to offer more information about menopause than you would about puberty.



To see who is visiting and interacting with your page, don't underestimate the power of your Notifications. These are the updates issued whenever people comment, post or "like" your page. While you can also get email notifications about these, an easy way to see all the most recent activity is to navigate to your page and click "Use Facebook as (your page)" under the Account menu on the right side of the page. That allows you to act as your page across the platform, allow9ing the most recent notifications for your page, instead of your personal profile, to appear as small red flags in the upper left corner of the screen. Click those small red flags to see the most recent likes, comments and posts for your page, and use that information to interact with your users in the way you see fit.