Comcast DVR Installation Instructions

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Comcast provides cable service to many areas in the United States. Their services include telephone, Internet and cable television. One component of their cable television is digital cable, which is delivered to a residence via coaxial cable, then is translated by a digital cable box. There are several versions of the digital cable box, some including a digital video recorder (DVR). The DVR records live television, allowing the user to watch programs at a later time as well as pause, fast forward and rewind.


Step 1

Unpack all of the contents of your Comcast DVR package. You should have the DVR cable box, a remote control and a power cable. Additionally, you will need two coaxial cables, which are not typically included with the DVR.

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Step 2

Place the DVR as close as possible to your television and cable outlet. The further your box is from the cable outlet, the weaker your cable signal will be.


Step 3

Connect one end of a coaxial cable to the cable wall outlet, then connect the other end to the "Cable In" coaxial port on the back of your DVR.

Step 4

Connect one end of the other coaxial cable to the "Cable Out" port on the back of your DVR, and connect the other end to the coaxial jack on the back of your television. If you are connecting the DVR to a high-definition television and you have HD digital cable, consider using an HDMI or component cable instead of a coaxial cable, as the coaxial cable cannot send an HD signal to your television.



Step 5

Connect the power cable to the back of your DVR, then plug the other end of the power cable into the wall outlet.

Step 6

Press the "Cable" button on the top of your remote control, then press the "Power" button to turn on the DVR. It will take some time for the box to communicate with the network and complete its setup. Once this is done, attempt to view a channel. If you can see a picture, then your DVR has been successfully installed. If you cannot see a picture, then you may need to contact Comcast and provide information about the box so that it can be registered on the network.

Things You'll Need

  • Coaxial cable(s)

  • HDMI or component cables (optional)

  • Batteries for remote control


The DVR contains a hard drive where all recorded programs are stored. There is a finite amount of space on this hard drive. High-definition (HD) programs require much more space than standard programming, so you will be unable to record as much HD programming as standard programming.


If your box and DVR service have not been added to your account, then you will need to call Comcast to accomplish this. The box must be registered on the network before it will function.