Computer Courses for Beginners

There is always a need for beginners' computer courses. Whether you are a child or an adult using a computer for the first time, you can find many free computer courses for beginners. No matter which computer course you want to take, there are plenty available for beginners--and you don't have to leave your home to learn.


Many of the computer courses start you off with simple tasks involving the keyboard and mouse. The Absolute Beginners' Guide (see Resources) shows you exactly what to do. It provides exercises so you can learn the tasks. It will then teach you more advanced concepts, such as understanding your computer and its components. A test follows so you can find out whether you're able to recognize the different components. Continue to follow the lessons, and soon you will be ready to take the next step in your beginners' courses.


Internet Basics offers Internet skills you learn at your own pace. Not only are Internet Basics covered, so are using Internet Explorer and Netscape. You'll also get lessons in Internet security. There are goals set for each lesson, and you can do as many as you wish, depending on what you choose to learn.

Word Processing

There are several sites that offer free Microsoft Word computer courses. They teach you the basics as well as advanced techniques. Most start with opening Word, creating a document and saving the document. Formatting, copy and paste, clip art and using multi-page documents are all covered. You can then apply this information to any word processing program you use.


After completing the word processing computer courses, try a spreadsheet course, such as Microsoft Excel. teaches several different versions of Excel. If you have a different spreadsheet program, find out which version of Excel it goes with and select that version. However, most of the versions are compatible, with just a few differences.

Other Computer Courses also offers courses in Access, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher--all Microsoft products. If you have another program, such as Open Office, that has similar programs and features, you can easily transfer the skills you learn to the other software program.

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