How to Connect a Brother Wireless Printer to a Laptop

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The Brother printer setup process for laptop computers is relatively simple.
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The Brother printer setup process for laptop computers is relatively simple. The printer uses a wireless connection and the laptop will simply require a bridge to send jobs to the printer. The printer uses a secure network and access is only possible with approval from the printer administrator. Making the connection is possible in a matter of minutes and once set up, the connection will remain unless the printer password or security settings are altered.


Laptop Compatibility and Requirements

A wireless connection is only possible if the computer has a wireless card. The printer model also must be one set up for wireless communications. Most new laptop models are wireless-ready, however, and an external card is not necessary. Older models, however, may require an external wireless card to make the connection.

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Current Brother printer models are also all equipped for wireless transmission within the network. The printer does require a hard-line connection to bring the network online for full functionality. Once online, one or more approved devices can join the network and send jobs to the printer. Connecting a laptop is ideal for home use but also will work over a larger network in an office.


The only exception to the connection abilities happens when the network is hardwired and only location-stable machines are approved to function on the network. This is a security feature implemented by the administrator and the system is not common. Government and high-security corporate networks are most likely to use a highly secured system of this nature to track documents passed through the network.

Brother Printer Setup

In order to make the connection, both the printer and laptop must connect to the same wireless network. Go ahead and connect both devices separately to bring them online. Alternatively, the printer can connect through a hard-line to the internet while the laptop remains offline. Regardless, they must exist on the same network.


After the devices are online, download the printer driver on the laptop. Without the driver installed, the network connection will not function. The printer comes with a card to install the network or a key-code to make the install happen through their website. Follow the instructions for either method and install the driver.

After the driver is installed on the computer, a set of prompts will trigger for the setup process. Follow the prompts to name the network and locate the printer through the SSID code. The prompts will show the printer and you simply select the device and click Next to continue the setup process. After the printer is recognized, the laptop will connect to the network and be able to communicate with the printer.


Make a Direct Connection

Can't connect to wireless printers? In the event of a failed wireless connection, try a hard-line connection to quickly send jobs from the laptop to the printer. This happens by simply connecting an Ethernet cord to the laptop and the printer. The direct line connection is an easy solution when an immediate need is present. It also removes the need to set up wireless networks and saves time when only a short-term connection is required.

The direct connection is easy to make with a laptop and also works with a desktop model computer. If a desktop is already connected, either use the same cord or send the document through email and simply use the desktop computer to open and print through the existing connection.