How to Connect a TV to a Wireless Cable Connection

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Watch cable TV on your laptop with a wireless cable connection.

Cable signals can now be transmitted wirelessly. This can save money on the cable bill since it eliminates the need for additional cable box receivers. With wireless cable connections, a cable signal is broadcasted from a type of wireless transmitter, similar to a wireless router that sends the signal to other wireless devices within its range. This transmitter acts as an antenna for cable via satellite signal. The wireless cable transmitter takes the signal from the coaxial cable and transmits it to the receiver hooked up to another TV or wireless device within 300 feet.


Step 1

Obtain a wireless cable TV transmitter. Make sure the cable transmitter will be compatible with your TV model.

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Step 2

Plug in the wireless cable transmitter to the original cable box hooked up by the cable company. This will send the signal to another TV or wireless media device.


Step 3

Plug in the wireless receiver to the TV where you wish to view the wireless cable signal. This will transfer the cable signal to this TV. The cable transmitter and receiver should be at least 20 feet apart to avoid interference. If you experience problems with your wireless cable signal, try removing other wireless devices from the area that could disrupt the signal.


Step 4

Select a wireless network name, also called a service set identifier, to ensure that you are using the proper network to transmit the cable signal. The service set identifier must be 32 characters or less and is case sensitive. The service set identifier network name must be listed under the same name on any devices in your home that you hook up to the wireless cable network.



Step 5

Set the channel in which you would like your cable transmission to display on. You may choose any number between 1 and 11 and again, the channel number must be the same for all devices that will receive the wireless cable signal.

Step 6

Choose a passphrase for all the devices in your network. Then follow the steps to encrypt and apply this passphrase. Apply the WEP key as well. The wireless signal is now set up and should be ready to view on your newly connected TV.




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