How Do I Get My Yahoo! Toolbar Back?

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The Yahoo! toolbar provides a steadying influence as you traverse the wilds of the Internet, stocked with several buttons and options that keep you only one click away from the Yahoo! family of websites. All it takes to lose that safety net, however, is a few errant button clicks. Clicking the wrong button or activating the wrong option can cause your Yahoo! Toolbar to disappear from your Web browser. Fortunately, the removal isn't permanent -- you can get your Yahoo! Toolbar back with just a few troubleshooting steps.


Step 1

Open the Web browser that has Yahoo! Toolbar installed.

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Step 2

Look at the toolbars at the top of the screen. If you can only see the basic menu bar, you may be in full screen mode, which removes the other toolbars from view. Click "F11" and see if the Yahoo! Toolbar reappears.


Step 3

Right-click on an empty portion of the menu bar if full screen mode isn't the problem. Click the Yahoo! Toolbar entry if it doesn't have a check mark next to it. The Yahoo! Toolbar should appear on-screen. If you don't see an entry for Yahoo! Toolbar, it isn't installed on your browser.


Step 4

Look at the edges of the visible toolbars for two sideways-pointing arrows -- which indicates hidden off-screen options -- if the previous step doesn't make the toolbar reappear. Click on the arrows until you see the Yahoo! Toolbar options, then click the vertical line to the right of the arrows and drag and drop it underneath the lowest visible toolbar. The Yahoo! Toolbar should reappear.



Step 5

Download the Yahoo! Toolbar again at and install it again if none of the solutions fix the problem or if a Yahoo! Toolbar entry doesn't appear when you right-click on a menu bar.



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