How to Fix a Missing Toolbar in Internet Explorer

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Most people have a particular way they like their Web browser to look and function. However, downloading plug-ins or add-ons, whether intentionally or not, can often change a setup. Losing or misplacing toolbars that you prefer is one of the most common problems. Those toolbars may be the regular toolbars that come with Internet Explorer or toolbars from companies that provide additional functions, such as those from Yahoo or Google. When a toolbar is missing, it is usually just a matter of enabling it again.


Step 1

Open Internet Explorer. If you receive any error messages when opening, it may be related to the toolbar and you may need to uninstall the toolbar, and then download and reinstall it.

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Step 2

If there are no error messages, right-click anywhere at the top of the browser window. You will see a context menu with a list of available toolbars.


Step 3

If the toolbar you are missing does not have a check mark next to it, select it to enable it.


Step 4

Some toolbars will reappear immediately. Others require a restart. Restart the application to make sure that your new preferences are saved.

Step 5

Reinstall any extra toolbar applications if they do not appear in the Toolbar menu.


Some toolbars have options beyond what Internet Explorer makes generally available. Check the options on each customizable toolbar to set the options you want.