How to Find a Hidden Phone Number

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Get the number of an unknown caller.

Being contacted by someone with a blocked phone number can be extremely irritating. If the contact is harassing, threatening or constant, you may also be concerned for your safety. There are several ways this could happen -- someone could call or text you from a cell phone that has a blocked phone number, or you could be getting phone calls and messages on your home phone from a land line with a blocked number.


Step 1

Download an application for your cell phone that will unblock blocked phone numbers. These are generally easy to use, since you simply download the application via your cell phone from your provider's application market. There isn't any other software to install on your phone. These applications will show phone numbers for all callers and texts, even if the person who's contacting you has a blocked number.

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Step 2

Get in touch with your service provider, whether you're being contacted on your cell or land line. The phone company may be able to provide you with a report of all of the phone calls and text messages that you've received, including their sources. The source may not necessarily be a name, but instead a location. However, even this small amount of information may be enough to help you narrow down who's contacting you.


Step 3

Block the phone number that's been contacting you if you're able to uncover it.


Step 4

Utilize a reverse directory phone search if your phone company was able to give you the phone number of the caller who's been contacting you. You may be able to search for the person's name by the phone number.

Step 5

Contact the police department. The authorities are often able to find a phone number and name associated with an unknown caller or texter.

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