How Can I Change the Color on My Sanyo TV?

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In addition to needing to make adjustments to the picture size and the brightness, sharpness and contrast of an image on a Sanyo TV screen after you purchase a new unit, you also will likely want to adjust the color settings. The factory default for most TVs has the "Color" settings right in the middle of the settings bar. This means that if you want a deeper, richer color or a lighter, more airy color, you will need to make these changes yourself.


Step 1

Press "Input Select" on the remote control and select "TV Mode."

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Step 2

Press "Menu."

Step 3

Press "Enter" to select "Picture."


Step 4

Use the arrow buttons to select "Picture Setting." Press "Enter."


Step 5

Use the arrow buttons to select "Color." Press "Enter."

Step 6

Use the left and right arrow buttons to adjust the color settings. When you are pleased with the color setting, press the "Exit" button on your remote to exit the menu screen.

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