How Can I Reprint the Last Printed Item?

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If you have recently printed the file and the printer that you or your office uses has a feature (like some Lexmark and HP printers) of storing the print jobs in the printer memory, you should be able to reprint it as long as no one has deleted it from memory. The following discussion relates to the Lexmark T522, but many other printers will have a similar function.


Find the Job

The first thing you must do is find the print job to determine if it is even still available for printing. On the printer press "Menu" to see the held or saved print jobs. Click on the "Select" button. You will see a list of the off all the users who have jobs either waiting to printed or that have already printed and are stored in the printer's memory. Press "Menu" again until you see the job you would like to reprint.


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Chose the Action

Choose from the list of options will appear what you would like to do with the document. Press "Menu" again until the particular action you would like to take with the document is shown on the second line of the display. Press "Select" to choose "Print a Job" and choose the number of copies you would like. Repeat this to select more jobs, adding printing queue. Click "Go" to print the jobs you selected.



Password Encrypted Document

Some print jobs will have been given a code to protect them and keep them private. If the print job is listed as "Confidential," the printer will ask that you enter the correct PIN number before you can print the document.




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