How Do I Add Attachments to Microsoft Word?

Adding files to Word documents is a not common need but attaching PDF files, photos and other media elements is entirely possible.
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Adding files to Word documents is a not common need but attaching PDF files, photos and other media elements is entirely possible. The process used to attach files to word documents varies based on the file type and is not possible with every type of media file. In most cases, a simple insert function is used to add the media to the document.

Media Used with Word

Microsoft Word is primarily used as a word processing tool and has limited functionality for media files. More advanced programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and PowerPoint are used for media file editing and presentation building. Word is better suited for essays, reports and documents with basic photos and charts. Interactive media is rare and better used in a more advanced presentation program.

Working in Word and inserting media files is easy and the process is consistent for most file types. Photos are normal and they are easy to position and size in the document. Charts are also easy to add and function very much like a photograph. The other common media inserts are links and they are very easy to add.

Outside of those three basic functions, attaching exterior media files is not common but it does remain possible. The placement of media attachments is useful for drawing out relevant documents and even sources when needed.

Inserting Photos and Media

The Microsoft Word insert file function is easy to use, especially for photos and basic graphics. Simply head to the Insert option on the primary toolbar and click to generate a drop-down navigation bar. Next, click Insert File and navigate to the photo, graphic or exterior file on your hard drive or external drive.

Locate the file and click Insert to import that file into the document. At this point, the file is not actually an attachment but a piece of the document. Click on the photo or file to resize, move and adjust the dimensions.

If the file inserts in the wrong position, hit the backspace to delete. Next, click the desired position. The file will insert where the cursor is blinking. Repeat the insert process to reach the desired placement and adjust the sizing by dragging the corners to enlarge or diminish the dimensions.

Attaching Exterior Files

Adding an exterior file like a PDF attachment is also an option within Word. The best means of adding this attachment is through a hyperlink to the file. In order to make this possible, the PDF file must exist on a server. Loading the file into a Wordpress or other website will create an accessible hyperlink.

The hyperlink function also works for other files when they are located on a specific website. After making the PDF or other file format accessible through a hyperlinked web page, copy the hyperlink or save it on your clipboard.

Next, highlight the text you want to link to the exterior file. In many cases, creating a visually distinct text through bold and italic fonts will help draw attention to the placement of the link. Even consider adding a note about where the link leads to let the reader know about the value in the external file.

After highlighting the text, locate the hyperlink icon in the top navigation menu bar and paste the link address into the space. Click Apply and this will turn the text into a hyperlink that opens the file with a single click. Rather than attempting to insert PDF into Word, you can easily link out to the original PDF document.