How Do I Block a Number on My Nokia Phone?

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The thought of Nokia's now-retro keypad cellphone – affectionately dubbed "the brick" – may tickle your nostalgia bone, but the iconic phone manufacturer is still in the game. While Nokia's phones have evolved from the nigh-indestructible brick to sleek smart devices, spam callers and clingy exes haven't changed all that much. Block those numbers for good and enjoy a silence even more blissful than the phone's MIDI ringtones.


Android Nokia: Block Phone Numbers

Nokia smart phones like the Nokia 7 and Nokia 6 series run the stock version of the Android mobile operating system. The 7.1 model features Android Pie, while the Nokia 6 runs Android Nougat, but blocking numbers works mostly the same across these OS versions.

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If you've recently gotten a call from the number you want to block, head to your call log, select the number, and tap "More" or the menu icon that looks like three dots. Select "Add to reject list," and you'll no longer receive incoming calls from that number.


To add any number you want to block before the pesky person it belongs to even has a chance to call you, go to your Nokia phone's Settings menu and tap "Call," "Call Rejection," "Auto Reject List" and "Create." Enter the phone number and say goodbye. On Nokia phones with Android Nougat, go to the Settings and tap "Blocked numbers." Tap the plus symbol to add a new number to the blocked list.

Android Nokia: Straight to Voicemail

For a softer blocking option on Android-equipped Nokia smart phones, you can send incoming calls from any number in your contacts list straight to voicemail.


In your contacts menu, select the number you want to avoid and tap the pencil-shaped edit icon. Tap the three-dot menu and check the box next to the "All Calls to Voicemail" option. Feel free to uncheck that box in the future when you're feeling a little more generous with your time.

Windows Nokia: Block Phone Numbers

Up through about 2015, Nokia phones such as the Lumia 530, Lumia 635 and Lumia 950 served as the flagship models for Microsoft's ill-fated Windows Phone platform. Even though Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows Phones in 2017, many of those phones are still in use.


You don't need a call blocker app for Windows Phone, but the blocking process is a little different from blocking on an Android phone. Ensure that the option to block calls is enabled by swiping down from the top of the screen to reveal the Action Center and tap "All Settings." Choose "Call+SMS filter," read the text that appears, and select "Accept" when you're ready.

On your Windows Phone, block numbers by tapping the Phone tile and accessing the history screen. If it doesn't instantly appear, swipe left or right until it does. Long-press the number you want to block and choose the "Block number" option. If you haven't received a call from the number you want to block, tap the Phone tile and enter the number. Then long-press it and select "Block number."