How Do I Block a Number on My Nokia Phone?

By Maya Walker

Receiving unwanted calls on your Nokia phone may be a nuisance. You can block numbers from calling your phone by taking advantage of the phone's security features. When you adjust your settings to accept only calls from the contacts stored in your Nokia's address book, your phone does not ring when an incoming call is from a number that is not in that list. Instead, the caller is immediately routed to your voice mail. Depending on the model of your Nokia phone, your procedure to block numbers may vary slightly.

Step 1

Press "Menu" on your Nokia phone while you are viewing the home screen.

Step 2

Click "Settings," then click "Security Settings."

Step 3

Select "Call Restrictions," then click "Incoming Calls."

Step 4

Click "Contacts Only" to restrict your incoming calls to only contacts saved in your Nokia address book.

Step 5

Press "OK" to save your settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Mobile service providers, such as AT&T and Sprint, also offer a call blocking feature. Contact your service provider to determine if the feature is available for your Nokia phone.