How do I Convert Google Earth Files to AVI?

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Tour the Grand Canyon without ever going there.

Zero in on the peaks of Mount Everest or fly over your favorite city using Google's 3-D visualization software. Simply install Google Earth Pro, identify locations you would like to visit and navigate to them using your mouse and keyboard. As you explore Google Earth, you will see on-screen, 3-D representations of terrain, mountains, cities and objects as they exist in the real world. After enjoying a virtual tour, convert the tour into an AVI movie file and replay it later using any media player.


Step 1

Open Google Earth Pro. Click "View" and select "Tour." The "Record" control will appear at the bottom of the screen on the left.

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Step 2

Click the red "Record" button to begin recording.


Step 3

Click "Tools" at the top of the screen and select "Movie Maker" to open the "Movie Maker" window.

Step 4

Put a check mark by "Advanced" and then click "Record to AVI format."


Step 5

Click the drop-down arrow under "Resolution" and select a video resolution.

Step 6

Click "Browse" to open a "Save As" window. Select the folder where you want to save the AVI, and enter a file name in the "File Name" text box.



Step 7

Click "Record." Google Earth will start recording.

Step 8

Navigate through the 3-D world using your mouse and keyboard as you normally do when viewing Google Earth.

Step 9

Click "Stop Recording." Google Earth will save the recording as an AVI in the location you selected.



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