How do I Determine if My TV is HDMI?

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This television is not HDMI compatible.

High-definition media interface, known as HDMI, is quickly becoming the standard for audio and video connections. It is easy to determine if your TV is compatible.


HDMI Capability Noted

HDMI capability will be noted in several places, including on your television's packaging and in your television's manual.

Video of the Day

1080p Televisions

Televisions that lack high definition will neither need nor have HDMI capability. Older televisions will not require the 1080p connection that HDMI provides. If your television is not a flat screen, LCD or plasma, then it will not have HDMI capability.




If your television is HDMI compatible, then an input port will be marked "HDMI." This narrow port will usually be found on the back of your television. Some extremely flat television models may have an HDMI slot on the side.




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